Positive Pay System
Save time and make your business a harder target for fraud with electronic statements.
Are you currently set up with I-Corp, our business online banking product? If so, are you taking advantage of FREE electronic statements called I-Statements?
I-Statements offer numerous benefits:
• Secure. Only I-Corp users with access to the account can view I-Statements.
• Prevent Mail Fraud. Removes account information from the mail.
• Fast. I-Statements are available as soon as your statement is issued. No waiting for the mail.
• Research Capabilities. Accessible statement history (up to 18 months) from the date you sign up.
• Convenient. You can print and/or save I-Statements to your PC for convenient storage.
• Free! There is no cost to enroll in I-Statements.
If you are interested in signing up for I-Statements, please contact your local Cash Management Representative.

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Click here to view a demonstration system.