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Change to Exception Processing – Effective May 1st the exception notification email that is sent after the cutoff time will be discontinued. Going forward, two exception notification emails will be sent daily by the Positive Pay system. One in the morning that provides the initial notification, and a second reminder email one hour before the exception cutoff time of 1:00 PM MT/12:00 PM PT. Please ensure that all exceptions are answered accordingly. Any unanswered exception will be handled per the terms of your agreement with the Bank.

To provide more options for receiving system notifications, we have updated the Positive Pay system to allow for text messaging. We now have the ability to send text notifications for uploading issued files as well as exception notifications. Text notifications can be added either by contacting your local Treasury Solutions (Cash Management) Representative or having the company Admin enable it for their users. The company Admin will need to enter the user’s mobile number on the Contact Information tab of the user, as well as select the notifications to be sent via text on the System Messages tab.

Please contact us at 888.833.3450 with any questions. Thank-you.

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